Directors of the national peasant organization exchanged with presidents of Florida cooperatives

Florida, Sep 15.- Presidents of the peasant bases of the municipality of Florida, together with the highest representation of this productive force in the territory, held a meeting with national and provincial directors of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) where they addressed various issues of the leading role of men and women in the productive, sociopolitical and internal functioning spheres.

The close process of agricultural contracting, together with the fulfillment of the food production plans in the current stage, constituted the highlight of the meeting, during which the claim to organize and achieve an efficient consultation, respectful of the rights and duties, stood out. of each of the parties, within the framework of the regulations established for the signing of the agricultural storage and marketing agreements.

Yadira Arrocha Bermúdez, administrative leader of the Rolando Valdivia Credit and Services Cooperative, defended the governing role of the board of directors in negotiations between producers and contracting agencies, and assured that if transparency and adherence to what was agreed prevail, this It will translate into more confidence of the guajiros and greater volumes of food for the people.

The agenda of the exchange also included orientations referring to the beginning of the process of balance, renewal and/or ratification of mandates of agricultural cooperatives, scheduled to take place next October, and on the schedule of activities to materialize from next September 21 in salute to the celebration of the 65th anniversary of the Peasant Congress in Arms on the same date in 2023.

Alcides Madrigal Álvarez, a member of the national leadership of ANAP and an official of its Legal Department, highlighted in the municipality of Florida the current priorities of the sector, including the follow-up of the cadre policy, the growth of membership, the battle against crime and illegalities and work in social networks, in defense of the achievements of the Revolution.

Similarly, the representative of the highest leadership of the peasant organization in the country and Regla Frómeta Rivera, the provincial president of the ANAP, highlighted the importance of backing the new Family Code with a resounding Yes, and asked the cooperatives and the local peasants all possible support for the Referendum that will take place next Sunday, September 25, for this purpose.

The exchange of the National Committee of the peasant organization with presidents of productive bases of the sector in Florida was also attended by leaders of the Communist Party, of Agriculture and of the mass organizations of the municipality, accompanied by heads and directors of entities linked to the socioeconomic performance of the local farmers.

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