Association of economists in Florida promotes training for new economic players

Florida, June 29 – The highest representation of the Association of Economists and Accountants (ANEC) in Florida held a meeting for debate and exchange of experiences among members of micro and small private companies, with the participation of executives and specialists from the state entities that govern the policies and legal norms of mandatory compliance for these new economic actors.

The corporate responsibility to make economic management transparent, and the duties and obligations of MSMEs in the current process of bankarization, stood out among the most evaluated topics in this ANEC meeting in Florida, where representatives of the local administration emphasized the obligation of these actors to comply with bank deposits and to enable the corresponding digital channels for the promotion of electronic commerce.

For their part, several of the new economic actors referred to the need for this governmental analysis to better define the differences between MSMEs and self-employed workers within the private sector, in order to fairly determine the responsibilities and levels of involvement of each one in the event of non-compliance with the legality established for the development of productive and service activities.

They pointed out that the population and even some state leaders still identify as MSMEs any economic actor that imports and commercializes chicken or minced meat in the municipality, which is why micro and small private companies are sometimes blamed for something that does not correspond to them, to the detriment of their legal and entrepreneurial personality.

In this sense, during this meeting, the need to strengthen state control and inspection was ratified, as well as the need to increase the demand to leave no room for impunity in the municipality regarding the responsibilities of all the actors approved within the Cuban socioeconomic model.

The highest representation of ANEC in Florida and specialists from the Development Directorate of the Municipal Administration Council, urged partners and representatives of micro and small private enterprises to promote investment projects to develop their activities and attract possible international financial cooperation to contribute to it, in terms of social and economic welfare of the population.

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