Municipal Conference of the Combatants Association held in Florida (+Post)

Florida, June 18 – With the presence of Major General José Antonio Carrillo Gómez, national president of the Association of Combatants of the Cuban Revolution, the Sixth Municipal Conference of that group took place in Florida, in which topics of great interest for the internal functioning and the strengthening of its vanguard role in society were discussed.

The importance of sustaining the growth of the number of members through the incorporation of workers and outstanding citizens in different tasks of the defense and construction of socialism, with the support of the Communist Party and the rest of the social organizations and agencies, was the first topic discussed by the 50 delegates participating in the meeting.

An interesting debate also raised the demand to promote the work of military and internationalist patriotic training among the new generations of Floridians, a strategic task where it is necessary to renew the links of the Combatants Association with the educational system of the municipality.

General Carrillo Gómez, national president of the Combatants’ Association, in valuing this aspect, clarified that school has the mission of creating spaces for the promotion and recognition of the patriotic history, where the experience and the living example of those who were its protagonists in the different periods of fights and victories of the new Homeland can be inserted.

The analysis of the report presented to the plenary also included the demand to achieve a greater self-financing management through the collection of the contribution and the income of the Popular Recreational Shooting, turning it into one more option for the enjoyment and combative preparation of the people.

To guarantee the tribute and respect deserved by the deceased combatants and their relatives, as symbols of the land where they were born, was one of the main agreements of the meeting, before being approved, through the voting, the Floridian delegation to the highest provincial meeting of the organization, and the new municipal leadership of this force, headed by Pedro Luis Placeres.

Summing up the Sixth Conference of the Association of Combatants of the Cuban Revolution in this Florida municipality, Liliana Boudet Nápoles, first secretary of the Communist Party in the territory, congratulated its members for keeping «their feet in the stirrup» in every battle, and asked them to keep confidence in those who today are in charge of leading the ship of the Homeland towards a more prosperous and safe port in the midst of the great challenges of the present.

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