Florida farmer leaders urged to become more involved with production units

Florida, June 8 – The member of the Provincial Bureau of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP), Elisabeth Arca Morel, called the 45 members of the Municipal Committee of that agrarian organization in Florida, to link themselves more with the work at the base, in order to promote, support and supervise better the productive and political tasks that the country demands in the present stage.

The call was made during the development of the plenary meeting of this local body of the peasant leadership in which issues related to the recently concluded process of Strengthening the Boards of Directors in the Cooperatives, the fight against crime and illegalities, and the evaluation of the productive indicators of the sector were also analyzed.

According to the report presented at the meeting, more than 20 farmers’ bases have so far failed to comply with their milk plans, while at the end of the previous quarter, small farmers reported 78 incidents of theft and slaughter of livestock, with the loss of 174 cattle.

“In unity is our strength to move forward,” said Dayamí Morell Reyes, representative of the Saturnino Aneiro Abella Credit and Services Cooperative (CCS), in view of the urgent demand to recover the debts in milk collection, stop the growth of crimes against livestock, multiply the ideological political work and maintain the Vanguard status achieved by the cooperative and peasant movement of the municipality of Florida in the last two years.

The ordinary plenary session of the ANAP Municipal Committee in Florida also pronounced to increase the peasant presence in the struggle in social networks to defend the truth of Cuba and the work of the Revolution in that sphere.

Summarizing the debate, Leosdani Moredo Hurtado, member of the municipal leadership of the Communist Party for Agriculture and Livestock, stressed the importance of implementing the proposed missions, especially in the area of procurement, production and food collection, the battle against negative trends and respect for the needs of the people with greater organization, drive and confidence in victory.

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