Floridian librarians share experiences in celebration of their day

Florida, June 8 – Specialists and librarians from Florida’s educational institutions met this Thursday at the Center for Documentation and Pedagogical Information (CDIP) in order to exchange experiences and evaluate the librarian work and the activities carried out in the territory for the promotion of reading.

The meeting, scheduled on the Cuban Librarian’s Day, was an opportunity to discuss the achievements and results of the projects and actions aimed at strengthening identity, aesthetic appreciation, communication and the habit of reading with the participation of students and the community.

Ms. Caridad Gálvez Castro, CDIP’s main specialist, commented that the meeting was an opportunity to promote actions aimed at offering students and users a quality service, adding that these exchanges allow for the improvement of the librarian’s work in the region.

Mabel Waugh Moreira, librarian at José Martí Elementary School, emphasized the correspondence that should exist between library collections and the demands of the documents that comprise them, in order to satisfy the interests of readers at different educational levels.

She also commented on the importance of the professionalism of librarians and specialists and their constant improvement to guarantee the quality of the services provided by a library.

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