Florida hosted a provincial event in Camagüey for the Day of the Cuban Farmer (+Post)

Florida, May 7 – The provincial act in salute to the Cuban Peasant’s Day took place this Tuesday at the Amparo Carriera Montes Credit and Services Cooperative (CCS), in the municipality of Florida, presided over by the member of the Central Committee and first secretary of the Communist Party in Camagüey, Federico Hernández Hernández, together with Governor Jorge Enrique Sutil Sarabia.

During the political-cultural meeting, the attendees paid tribute to Fidel Castro Ruz, on the 65th anniversary of the signing of the First Agrarian Reform Law; celebrated the 63rd anniversary of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP), and applauded the presentation of awards to the outstanding territories in the annual Emulation for May 17.

The highest award in the fraternal competition followed by the more than 28 thousand associates of ANAP in the province of the tinajones was achieved by Florida with the category of provincial Vanguard and headquarters of the central act of Camagüey for the ephemeris.

On behalf of the representatives of the rural family coming from all the corners of the Agramontina land, Regla Frómeta Rivera, president of the Provincial Bureau of the agrarian organization, ratified the commitment to remain firm in all the battles of the Revolution; particularly in the production and collection of food as the number one patriotic duty of the farmers in the current situation.

Before the closing of the Camagüey celebration for May 17, held at the CCS Amparo Carriera Montes, in the municipality of Florida, the members of the sector also made clear the will of «not going back to the neocolonial past, because it would be betraying justice and the farmers’ rights that cost so much blood and sacrifice to conquer them», and that today, thanks to Socialism, are still alive in every man or woman of the countryside, farms and cooperatives of the new Homeland.

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