Florida Museum commemorates the birth of Celia Sanchez (+Photos)

Florida, May 7 – It is 104 years since the birth of Celia Sanchez Manduley and the Museum of Florida is exhibiting a catalog of 19 silkscreen prints on the fighter, conceived by remarkable artists who captured the ever-living image of the Cuban hero.

Nelson Domínguez, Zaida del Río and Roberto Fabelo are some of the artists who, with their creative conception, joined the work of the workshop to capture Celia’s profile.

It is the intention of the museologists of this cultural institution to carry out several actions in labor entities and schools of the territory to highlight the exceptional figure of Celia Sanchez Manduley, and to link the May 9 anniversary with other important dates of this month, in which they will also highlight Ignacio Agramonte, Jose Marti and the Floridian internationalist Sergio Canales Selpa.

From the silence of her unwavering modesty and 104 years after her birth on May 9, 1920, Celia Sanchez has become, unintentionally, a model for the highest aspirations of human transformation.

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