Process of strengthening the boards of directors reached the Floridian cooperative Rolando Valdivia

Apr, 2024.- “Florida faces the challenge of perfecting agricultural production, organizing marketing, banishing intermediaries and improving sales prices to the population; but in the defense of that objective the support of the peasants is also required.”

This was expressed by Liliana Boudet Nápoles, first secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of the territory, during the Assembly to Strengthen the Board of Directors at the Rolando Valdivia Fernández Credit and Services Cooperative (CCS), in the El Seis area, in the which the associates once again ratified Yadira Arrocha Bermúdez as president of the productive base.

Yadira has more than 15 years of experience leading her group, and this time she will be accompanied by an executive group made up of six farmers, the majority female, responsible for enforcing the agrarian policies of the State and the Government in their area. of action.

When summarizing the meeting, the Secretary of the Party in Florida, Liliana Boudet Nápoles, took stock of important issues related to the number one duty of the local peasantry, including compliance with milk collection plans and the organization of the destinations of the agricultural marketing, along with the leadership of the board of directors in the tasks of supervision and control of production and care for farmers.

In open dialogue, with her ear to the ground, the top political leader of the territory shared the concerns of the small farmers settled in El Seis, more than 30 kilometers from the municipal capital city, summarized in the absence of the family doctor , lack of insurance for the transfer of medical emergencies, and deterioration of the bridge located on the road that gives access to the rural settlement.

Finally, the first secretary of the Party in Florida congratulated the newly elected and strengthened Board of Directors in the CCS Rolando Valdivia, and called on everyone to continue producing for the people in defense of the Revolution.

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