Assembly process of the Association of People with Physical-Motor Disabilities concludes in Florida

Florida, April 12.- Convinced that the Cuban Revolution will not leave them helpless, the members of the Association of People with Physical-Motor Disabilities (ACLIFIM) of the municipality of Florida held their Assembly for Balance, Renewal and Ratification of Mandates corresponding to this 2024.

At the meeting, which takes place prior to the VII Congress of the association, matters of great importance were discussed such as the legalization of the premises where the ACLIFIM municipal management is located, which will ensure improved conditions to serve the members, in addition to the elimination of architectural barriers, especially those surrounding ATMs.

At this meeting, issues related to the need to provide ambulatory care, access to construction materials for home repair and greater attention to the disabled, among other priorities, were also addressed.

During the Assembly of Balance, Renewal and Ratification of Mandates in the municipality of Florida corresponding to this 2024, the most outstanding associates, the organizations and entities that support the actions of the ACLIFIM of the territory, were stimulated, special recognitions were given to the colleagues Elena Obregón Navarro and Manuel del Rosario Pargas for their personal performance and the results of their participation in cultural and sporting events.

At the close of this meeting, the work projections for the next stage were approved, the municipal board of directors and the election of the new executive committee were defined, and the delegates to the VII Provincial Congress assembly and the candidates for members of the executives were elected. in the different instances.

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