José Martí’s Route of Glory begins in Playita de Cajobabo

Florida, April 11 – The popular uprising of February 24, 1895 marked the beginning of the libertarian gesture called by its main organizer The Necessary War, and the apostle of Cuban independence, José Martí, and General Máximo Gómez, arrived in the country on April 11, to occupy the positions that by their own right corresponded to them in the redeeming manigua.

The landing of Gomez and Marti took place at Playita de Cajobabo, a geographical point belonging to the current province of Guantanamo; they came along with other expeditionaries to join the struggle for the freedom of Cuba, after signing on March 25 the historic document known as the Manifesto of Montecristi, which in fact constituted the political program of the Revolution and defined its objectives and purposes.

Martí was the delegate of the Cuban Revolutionary Party (PRC), an organization created to lead the armed struggle against Spanish colonialism, and the Dominican Gómez was the most experienced and held the highest military rank in the Liberation Army.

The incorporation of both heroes to the war, preceded by that of Generals Flor Crombet and Antonio and José Maceo, who disembarked in Duaba, Baracoa, on April 1, 1895, attracted numerous combatants to the struggle and put the peninsular forces in check.

In Playita de Cajobabo began Marti’s march, known as the Route of Glory, which led him to travel some 400 kilometers of roads full of dangers and multiple obstacles, to Dos Rios, where he fell in combat on May 19, 1895.

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