Children’s take care centers carry out activities to celebrate their anniversary

Florida, April 9.- The children’s centers of the municipality of Florida will celebrate their 63rd anniversary with a program of activities that began with a day of volunteer work in cleaning and beautifying these early childhood institutions, to which exhibitions are added of teaching resources, exchange with retirees, recognition of the most outstanding educators and meetings with families.

This Wednesday, April 10, as is customary, an artistic gala will be held in each circle with the participation of boys and girls along with their educators to celebrate the date of materialization of the brilliant idea of Fidel Castro and Vilma Espín Guillois, heroine and eternal president of the Federation of Cuban Women, who will be remembered on the 94th anniversary of her birth.

Mártires de Florida, Semillitas del Futuro and Trencito de la Alegría are the three circles of the municipality that have qualified personnel in their groups, in charge of the attention and care of the infants, and that also provides security and satisfaction to the mothers. workers.

In day care centers, an increasingly comprehensive educational process is carried out, based on attention to boys and girls from an early age, habits, customs and standards of conduct are created that reinforce home education and prepare the disciples for the future. entry to primary education.

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