Heroes of Playa Girón: honor them at the height of their patriotism

Florida, April 4.- The commemorative day for the 63rd anniversary of the Playa Girón Victory will open its doors shortly, and should become the best opportunity to pay true tribute to the heroes and martyrs of that glorious epic.

Schools with allegorical names for the anniversary; productive and service centers; Food plantations and units outstanding in their daily work constitute essential settings to multiply the history of the veterans of that deed of April 1961, and to pay with that example the actions and conscience of the new generations.

The municipality of Florida is proud to still have three combatants from Playa Girón and several founders of the Communist Party alive, with their foot in the stirrup, and always ready to offer images and details of the scene and context of the first great defeat. of Yankee imperialism in Latin America.

Let us be able to take advantage of that wealth of unspeakable dignity and patriotism.

Let us be able, in Florida too, to elevate them to the height they always deserved; and to cover them with as many recognitions, applauses and honors as possible to thank them today, more than other times, for their bravery, dignity and victory.

There has never been, nor will there ever be, material poverty capable of preventing, in any corner of Cuba, the tribute to the heroes and martyrs of the sacred Homeland!

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