Representatives of the Floridian people condemn recent acts of vandalism in the municipality (+Post)

Florida, Apr 2.- The highest authorities and delegates of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power in Florida spoke out against recent acts of vandalism on the infrastructure of the Florida subsidiary of la Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba S.A. (ETECSA) that caused damage to services to the population and damage to the country’s economy.

During the XI ordinary session of this local government body, the management of the entity in the territory informed the representatives of the people that this year the cutting and theft of two fiber optic cables belonging to the fourth generation radio base occurred. for mobile telephony, located in the South Rehabilitation Room, which brought with it interruptions in services and an economic impact for the company estimated at more than 200 dollars and about two thousand pesos in national currency.

Representantes del pueblo floridano condenan recientes hechos vandálicos en el municipio

The manager explained that in this case the service could be restored in a short time because fortunately there was the necessary resource, something that is not always possible and much less under the siege of the intensified economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the US government against Cuba and the communications sector.

It was also reported that other events identified with some frequency in the municipality are the theft of telephone downpipes, a resource that is also deficient and is replaced in most cases with lines and devices for use, or other alternatives, to the detriment of the security of local infrastructure to guarantee telecommunications.

In this regard, the Florida delegates referred to the importance of strengthening the work of community work groups in relation to social prevention, to increase surveillance over public goods and to prevent the proliferation in the neighborhoods of these bad manifestations of conduct that affects the collective well-being and the economy of the municipality and the country.

In the recent assembly session of the Popular Power, during this last period, thefts of cables and transformer oil in electrical distribution substations were reported, events that threaten the security of such a vital public service and that cause costly damage to the sector, one of the most affected in the country’s current economic contingency, aggravated by the US economic blockade.

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