Florida teachers will participate in the provincial class event of the rural sector

Florida, Mar. 16 – Librarian Alexis Almanza González, teacher Daniel Romero Pérez and principal Dianelis Tamayo Leoncio, winners of Relevant Awards in the municipal event held last February 29 at the José País multi-grade school, in Las Mercedes, are the Floridian educators who will represent the territory in the Provincial Festival, on March 21st, online.

The work to be presented by the teachers of this demarcation is based on Martí’s and Fidelista thinking in the new generations, a system of classes to deal with ideological political work in the multi-grade schools and a master class to develop mathematics, which are integrated and flexible proposals arising from the daily work through the various disciplines taught to girls and boys of different grades.

Niurka Turiño, head of the elementary education level at the General Directorate of Education in Florida, informed that the contestant teachers are preparing these days prior to the competition with the experiences implemented in the rural centers where they work, as decisive steps towards a greater efficiency of the teaching process in harmony with the Third Educational Improvement in Cuba and also promoting independent skills in the students.

Premios Relevantes en el Evento Municipal de la Clase del sector rural (+Post)
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