Winners of national elementary school knowledge contests receive awards (+Posts)

Florida, Mar. 11 – Six Floridian students, winners in the National Contests of Spanish Language, Natural Sciences and History of Cuba, were awarded with the imposition of gold and silver medals in a public ceremony celebrated in the José Martí Park, presided over by Master Raiza Suárez Morgan, integral methodologist of the General Directorate of Education.

The gold medals went to Siraniay Yelena López Moreno, Dailié Pérez García, Ana Lía Moreira Madrigal and Alejandro Jesús Abreu Moya, and María Isabel Molina Molina received the silver medal.

It was a precise moment to recognize the work of the teachers who teach the subjects of Natural Sciences, Spanish Language and History of Cuba to these students, the leaders who offered their wisdom in the different concentrations and the educational institutions Leonor Pérez Cabrera, Tania la Guerrillera, Enrique José Varona and Manuel Fajardo Rivero, where the awarded students study.

The award ceremony, which was attended by methodologists of the elementary education level and parents of the awardees, was tinged by the artistic presentations of the students of the Enrique José Varona elementary school.

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