Education sector’s work objectives are being analyzed in Florida (+Post)

Florida, Feb. 9 – The balance of the fulfillment of the objectives and work indicators of the General Directorate of Education was developed at the Sabino Pupo Agricultural Polytechnic Institute (IPA), with the presence of Loreley Suárez Capdevila, Director of Education in the province of Camagüey, and political and governmental authorities of the territory.

At the meeting, which was also attended by Yunior Vega Rivero, chief executive of the educational sector in Florida, along with his work cabinet, the five fundamental objectives and indicators on which the municipality’s educational system is focusing its attention since the previous academic year and others from September to January of the current year were analyzed.

The improvement and attention of managers and teachers, the quality of the educational process to contribute to the integral formation of the students, the development of computerization and institutional communication, the preparation of the qualified workforce at the high school level and the assurance of technological, material and financial resources are among the main objectives of the current calendar.

The topic of the entry plan to the pedagogical schools was widely discussed and the provincial director of Education referred to this indicator in one of her speeches , in addition to the need to strengthen vocational guidance actions towards teaching careers, to encourage the interest of students of high school in teaching, preventive work and the continuity of studies in universities.

In the balance, the main actions to be developed during the remainder of the school year were discussed, in which efforts will be directed towards achieving the objectives that allow to continue improving the quality of the teaching-education process.

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