Florida executives visit groups linked to the sugarcane harvest

Florida, January 3.- Political and government authorities of the municipality of Florida exchanged with leaders and workers of various groups in the territory occupied in the sugarcane harvest of the current harvest to verify, at the base, the development of the conflict, the commitments, needs and concerns of its protagonists.

During the visit to the mechanized cutting platoons in the Ignacio Agramonte and Argentina sugar agro-industrial companies, the delegation headed by the first secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party, Liliana Boudet Nápoles, was interested in the fulfillment of daily goals and the difficulties to reach them; She inquired about the attention to workers and the nutrition of payment systems, among other topics, and conveyed the people’s recognition of the mission carried out.

After reiterating the willingness to remain at the foot of the furrow until the harvest of the 76 thousand tons of cane planned for the current harvest in Florida is completed, the men and women with that task referred to the lack of cage cars, the deficit of trucks and trailers for the transportation of raw materials and limited hours for their collection at the La China cleaning center.

“They are obstacles that cause loss of time in the field, paralyze the delivery of grindable material, delay the pace of the sugar campaign in its best period and cut salaries,” stated the majority of the combine operators, tractor drivers and auxiliaries of the production in each place.

The party leader took advantage of the moment to also talk with young students of the Agricultural Mechanization program of the Sabino Pupo Milián Polytechnic Institute, who carry out their work practice in the harvest group with high-performance CASE machines, of the Argentine business system.

Among the groups visited by the highest leadership of the Party and the representation of the Government were also included the unitary front of mechanized cutting belonging to the Services Unit of the Ignacio Agramonte Company, the platoons of combined KTP-DOS of the producing units El Oronte and Abel Santamaría Cuadrado.

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