Who will lower the level of music in Florida?

Florida, January 31.- Friends: “What is allowed is promoted”, I have already repeated that once in this way and I will reiterate it again to see if, by doing it so much, the phrase finds receptive ears in those with the sacred mission to maintain order and respect in the institutional, social and community sphere.

On this occasion the phrase finds its target in a phenomenon that, because it is old and annoying, has gathered kilograms of ink, millions of words, dozens of comments and thousands of criticisms without the expected solution appearing anywhere or, at least, the imposition of discipline and the rule of law for these cases.

I will not delay it any longer: I am referring to the impact of loud music broadcast on the street, in neighborhoods or in recreational centers at any time; the one that, due to the whim and taste of some, the revenge of others, the monetary interest of third parties or the excess of testicles of a few, breaks the eardrums of the majority, alters the nervous balance of infants, the sick and the elderly and disrupts the calm to which Neighbors and passers-by also have the right.

And it is that, without a doubt, a considerable number of the indisciplines and other negative phenomena that impact the normal development of Cuban society in the current situation are related to the lack of prevention, permissibility and lack of control prevailing in too many spaces, activities and processes. all types.

I say it for the umpteenth time: “what is allowed is promoted”: motorbikes, cars and pedicabs that rumble like a moving disk on the road, diverting the attention of drivers and pedestrians; loudspeakers in homes that threaten to tear down their own and other people’s roofs for no justifiable reason, just because of the owners’ desire to hear the baby’s ax or the last melodious invitation to have the richest sex in the world, in which they include the rest of the surrounding residents, to the cannon and without prior consultation.

Discos and nightclubs that in the past operated until two in the morning on Saturdays and until midnight on Sundays, taking into account the right to rest of those who work the entire week, and today, especially in private ones, the volume of entertainment It does not recognize time limits.

Much more could be said on the subject of musical decibels, their tyranny in these lands and the legal and administrative helplessness of those who resist losing their hearing or spending an entire night awake while certain groups exceed their nightly rest time, consuming liters of rum and beer and fill the pockets of those first responsible for putting a stop to the misplaced reggaeton scandal.

And I ask: Where are they, what are they doing and what are they waiting for, so-and-so, so-and-so, so-and-so, so-and-so, and Esperancejo, in charge of leading this battle and stopping this evil in consideration of their institutional, legal, legislative or popular investiture?

Some will tell me: Hum, more of the same and total, nothing is resolved! I would answer: Yes, more of the same, until rationality, shame, civility and the rule of other people’s rights and order for this phenomenon return to their place of origin to prevent, as long as possible, the law of the West, that of violence, offense, shooting and punching, settles without return in this Camagüey region!

And my people have already concluded, but, I haven’t repeated it again, have I? No? Then I remember it again: What is allowed, promoted, multiplied, entangled, causes harm, and if we turn a blind eye out of fear, inertia or convenience, it ends with the country and the mangoes!

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