Florida Maternal and Child Care Program with great challenges in 2024

Florida, January 23.- The Maternal and Child Care Program (PAMI) of Florida began the year 2024 with the commitment to protect the quality of life of the 168 pregnant women registered to date in the territory, and that of others who in the period join the list of women willing to add new members to their family nucleus.

The commitment of social actors and the Public Health system linked to the most precious task of the Cuban medical service will also place emphasis on the protection of infants to reverse the high rate of diseases registered by the municipality in 2023.

According to the information offered by Dr. Maidelis Cisneros Armenteros, PAMI’s main advisor in the general directorate of Public Health in Florida, to achieve both purposes it will be necessary to comply with all the protocols for prevention, planning, recruitment, development and care of pregnancy, and maintain extreme vigilance over the overall growth of the newborn.

Among the factors that report greater danger to the gestation period, the specialist highlighted those of assuming such a condition in the adolescent or extreme ages of the woman; bad smoking habits, high blood pressure, indiscipline in prenatal care, delayed intrauterine growth, late pregnancy acquisition and the risk of prematurity, among others.

Regarding infants under one year of age, Dr. Cisneros insisted on the importance of preventing and treating acute respiratory infections in a timely manner, maintaining exclusive breastfeeding within the planned period, avoiding co-sleeping and respecting the recommendations of the Medical Doctor. the Family and the rest of the consultations included in the pediatric care programs.

Keeping infant and maternal mortality rates at zero this year is a difficult task in the current situation, but not impossible, and it is the conviction of those who lead this challenge in Florida, always appealing to individual and family responsibility, support community, and institutional collaboration and the entire people.

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