The radio that unites us: Camagüey 100 years on the air

Florida, January 16.- This January 16, Camagüey radio celebrates a century of existence, and without a doubt it is the firstborn of that pioneering broadcast that went on the air two years earlier, on August 22, 1922 in the Cuban capital, on the initiative of the illustrious Luis Casas Romero from Camagüey.

After a century of walking and retracing the paths of the ether, this means of communication has in the province a parent plant, Radio Cadena Agramonte, and another 10 stations with the mission of informing, recreating, educating and promoting culture among thousands of listeners who, without giving up new technologies, still prefer to listen to radio programs.

Over the course of a century, voices, noise, silence and music were amalgamated to create that magic that captures and overwhelms the listener’s imagination, from the presentation of real events or the creation of images, faces, environments. and fictitious situations in radio soap operas, serials, children’s and unitary ones.

Remaining in the preference and taste of listeners for more than 100 years has not been easy when the battle faces rivals such as television and massive access to multiple media and platforms for the transmission and reproduction of information, music and videos of all kinds.

But the radio and its people did not give up before and will never give up. Managers, journalists, writers, artists and collaborators will continue to forge this magic that captures and makes the dreams of children, young people and adults fly, taking advantage of strengths and opportunities.

For this we have and will always have the complicity, encouragement and support of a loyal and demanding public that drives us to create and think every day about the best ways to season our radio products, seeking to please the interests and tastes of the radio audience. Camagüey that celebrates 100 years of existence today.

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