Tribute to José Martí in Florida educational institutions

Florida, January 15.- The National Hero of Cuba, José Martí, is being honored these days in the territory’s educational institutions as part of a day of activities to celebrate the 171st anniversary of his birth on January 28.

Schools of all educational levels will take advantage of the opportunity to pay tribute to the Apostle of Cuban Independence, one of the transcendental figures of political, literary and independence thought of the 19th century in Latin America.

During these days of January, children, young people and adolescents star in special morning sessions, knowledge meetings and plastic arts exhibitions to pay tribute to the manager of the Golden Age; It is also planned to show the film José Martí, The Canary’s Eye, by Cuban director Fernando Pérez, and the meeting of scientific societies with the study of the life and work of the author of the poetry collection Ismaelillo.

The conference The cult of Martí and the Martí among us literary contest are included in the proposals where students and teachers will honor the most universal of Cuban politicians, in addition to the special moment that will be experienced in Florida when, like every year, the parade takes place. Martiano and the Torch March.

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