Floridian athletes join the provincial baseball team for the next National Series

Florida, Jan 8.- Two Floridian baseball players are part of Los Toros de la Llanura pre-selection for the 63rd National Baseball Series, scheduled to begin in the month of March.

Among the infielders, second baseman Eglis Eugellés Antúnez is included, who will seek to remain on the Camagüey team and participate in what would be his seventh participation in the Cuban baseball series for the senior category.

In the list of 47 players released this Friday by Los Toros de la Llanura management body, there is also Floridian Jorge Luis Fernández, although in the most recent provincial Baseball championship some of his qualities as a utility player and timely hitter were at the service of the representation of the neighboring Carlos Manuel de Céspedes municipality, a team that for the second consecutive year reached the final of the Camagüey tournament.

Compared to the previous season, Floridians Anniel Ugalde, in the catchers’ area, and Reinier Pupo Bahades, in the pitching staff, were not included in this Camagüey preselection.

The exclusion of catcher Ugalde is understandable, because he was absent in a good part of the subseries that Florida team played in the most recent provincial tournament, and his performance was very low.

The case of Reinier Pupo is surprising, since we are talking about a preselection to which 22 pitchers were called, and although his performance in the 2023 provincial championship was not as outstanding as in the previous season, it was not a disaster either, and this starter right-hander showed, once again, good control and equanimity when pitching in complex moments of the games, qualities that not many pitchers can currently exhibit at only 22 years of age.

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