Floridian farmers and sugar producers summoned for superior results this year

Florida, Jan 4.- The farmers and sugar producers of the municipality of Florida have the challenge of turning 2024 into a superior year in terms of productive results, not only due to the demand for efficiency reiterated by the people and the highest leaderships of the Communist Party and the Government, but also as the best gift for the centenary of the declaration of the municipal district.

To achieve this purpose, it is essential to complete superior and efficient agricultural contracting, which provides more milk, meat and various crops to the industry and the population’s consumption; take advantage of all the available land, establish better control of the cattle mass and commercial destinations, and enhance the governing role of the boards of directors and business administration in each of the aforementioned tasks.

Determinely confront indiscipline and criminal manifestations in the sector; make the most of the few resources available; stimulate, protect and preserve the workforce in each entity; Meeting the needs of rural men and women and thinking as a country are challenges to overcome on the path of agricultural growth in the territory.

The sugar harvest, concentrated here on the cutting of cane and its shipment to the mills of the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes sugar mill, requires government monitoring, serious and daily evaluation, discipline in the platoons and in the transporters to avoid the debacle of the previous year, without neglecting the custody of the plantations against the threat of surprise fires.

Destroying the cronyism, the ridiculous justification, the misuse and blatant theft of state assets and supplies and the inertia of some to promote this battle will require more strength and determination; or as the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Raúl Castro Ruz, recently requested, that “those who do not have those virtues today step aside, and if they do not do so, that someone give them a push to get out of the way.” plotted.”

Agriculture and the harvest of the centenary of the municipality of Florida must reach December 15 with fulfilled plans and greater satisfaction of a people that deserves respect for its enormous capacity for resistance and support for the work of Cuban Socialism that has defended the Agrarian Reform done, as José Martí dreamed “with everyone, and for the good of all.”

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