Organization, administrative control and business efficiency, fundamental pillars to overcome the blockade

Florida, Jan 3.- The obstacles that the US economic, commercial and financial blockade has imposed on Cuba for more than 60 years will be difficult to overcome if there is a lack of organization, administrative control and business efficiency in the productive sectors.

The deprivations caused by the restrictions imposed on the country through this policy of imperial siege will weigh more and on a greater number of Cubans if there is a lack of government demand and supervision to guarantee social justice in the distribution and sale of the few foods and products of first necessity available.

In times of economic contingency, of scarcity of resources and of so few possibilities of access to international financing to invest due to the intensification of the North American blockade, irrationality in the use of inputs and finances cannot be allowed for any reason, much less that deviate from their productive destiny.

In the project being built in socialist Cuba, where the dream is to build a more just, prosperous and sustainable nation, there should be no place for privileges for a few, nor for the impunity of those unscrupulous who profit at the expense of the needs of the majority. of the population.

An obstacle to development of the magnitude of the US blockade against our country can only be resisted and overcome with a lot of solidarity, patriotism and commitment of the population, with greater productive efficiency, administrative control over resources and more state authority to ensure the equity and social justice that the Cuban Revolution achieved, “Of the humble, by the humble and for the humble.”

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