Coralillo 2023, 10 years creating children’s music in Florida (+Post)

Coralillo 2023, 10 años creando música infantil en Florida

Florida, December 19.- The ten years of the Festival of Creation and Performance of Children’s Music, Coralillo, were celebrated this Sunday in Florida with a cultural gala at the Luis Casas Romero House of Culture, an institution that has hosted the event since its inception. of the year. 2013.

In the Coralillo 2023 show, directed by Arnaldo Alfonso Rosales, creators and performers who have starred in the festival for a decade were presented, and tribute was paid to the missing Cuban singer-songwriter Teresita Fernández.

The only one of its kind in Florida, this festival has transcended due to its artistic rigor, the praiseworthy performance of its organizers, the quality of the works that compete, along with the competitiveness of the performers, mostly students of various educational levels.

In the heat of the celebration, the boys and girls participating in each of the previous editions were encouraged and the meritorious work of Rosa Martínez, Nereida Sánchez Liján and the brothers Yoel and Josué Zeota, art instructors in the musical event, were recognized. , creators of the children’s event in the territory.

10 years after Coralillo, the project continues to be a source of inspiration for musicians and composers and allows the discovery of the talent and vocation of children, evidence of the artistic potential that the Florida House of Culture has.

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