Influence of Haitian culture in Florida in an event at the municipal museum (+Post)

Florida, Dec. 15.- The influence of the Haitian presence in Florida was the central theme of the scientific event that took place at the city’s Museum, as part of the activities planned at that institution during the Florida Culture Week that is celebrated until this December 15 in greeting to the 99th anniversary of the declaration of the municipal district.

With the presence of Liliana Boudet Nápoles, first secretary of the Communist Party in the territory, the meeting began with the words of the researcher María Antonia Fonte Alzugaray, president of the Union of Historians of Cuba in Florida, who presented a characterization of that nation Antillean, which proclaimed its independence on January 1, 1803.

Specialist Lisney Gómez Ramos, main promoter of the event, presented a detailed investigation on the influence of Haitian immigrants in Florida and their impact on cultural identity and the local economy that transcends to the present day.

Members of the Association of Haitians and their Descendants, and guests at the meeting, commented on anecdotes and family experiences, highlighting their religious beliefs, industriousness, culinary customs and the different cultural manifestations that persist over time.

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