The Annual Culture Review Assembly met in Florida

Florida, Dec. 13.- With a view to working more on strengthening and defending identity, artistic and literary creation, and enhancing community action, as a way to satisfy spiritual and recreational needs, among other projections for 2024, The Annual Cultural Review Assembly was held in Florida, an event in which the work carried out by the institutions of the sector during the current year was evaluated.

In the meeting chaired by Luis Ernesto Acuña Otero, deputy director of the Provincial Music Center, Mirelis Rodríguez Lezcano, vice mayor of Social Programs in the local government and Bety Marrero Reguera, director of Culture in the territory, compliance with the development program was recognized. culture of 2023.

The performance of the different institutions, the cultural promoters and art instructors, together with the young people of the Hermanos Saíz Association, contributed to this result, also highlighting the results of the sociocultural projects, the Movement of Amateur Artists and the daily presentations of the centenary Municipal Concert Band.

The computerization and use of social networks, the improvement and defense and safeguarding of heritage, were other aspects analyzed at the meeting, along with the claim by the members of the Municipal Band for a location for their headquarters, an agreement pending solution for several years.

In the annual evaluation of the work objectives of the Culture sector, it was learned that for the next calendar work will continue to achieve the improvement of artistic education and professional improvement, rigorously comply with the prioritized programs and keep the plans updated. of cultural development until 2026.

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