Donations show solidarity of the Floridian peasantry

Florida, Dec. 11.- «Even though we are going through difficult economic paths and some are lost in the direction of ambition and individualism, the harshness of these times will never make the majority of farmers forget their solidarity and lineage.» «the eternal commitment to the society that empowered them.»

This was confirmed in Florida by a veteran farmer planted on the edge of the furrow, when on his farm with various crops we asked him about this praiseworthy custom of farmers of donating food, voluntarily, to health institutions and the centers where care is provided. to people in vulnerable situations.

The look of that man, weathered by time and with so many early mornings on his eyelids, shone like a sun when he spoke of liters of milk, chickens and food brought by himself to many of those places, or provided in the community for a baby. underweight or any other neighbor in a complex situation.

And the guajiro in this story is one of those who feel they are owners of the land given by the Revolution, but without ever forgetting that education, Public Health and so many conquests of socialism are also benefits provided for them and their families. families at no cost, and it is everyone’s duty to contribute to defending and preserving them.

For this and so many more reasons, share the fruit of daily effort with the pregnant woman who remains in the Maternity Home and with the sick person admitted to the hospital; with the elderly from the Grandfather’s House and with the student from the special school, or with the infants and adolescents protected in the children’s home without family protection, becomes a source of pride and joy for 99.9 percent of the peasants. and agricultural workers of the municipality of Florida.

In this demarcation there are thousands of tons of food, fruits, vegetables and meat donated by farmers over the years to support the diet of the aforementioned sites, but that will cannot and should not fail at this minute, when the Homeland and The people demand from them the greatest amounts of sacrifice, commitment, selflessness, solidarity and humanism.

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