To our teachers all the recognition in the world

Florida, Nov 27.- Recognizing teachers who have dedicated the best of their lives to teaching and educating, was the purpose of the exchange of experiences that took place this Thursday at the Camilo Cienfuegos Faculty and that filled the educators of this school with joy. institution that has been celebrating Educator’s Day for several days with multiple initiatives that will last until December 22.

Maevys Velázquez González, director of the Faculty in Florida, highlighted the performance of all the educators in society and the cultural impact of the literacy campaign and praised the teachers of the center who continued the literacy teachers who in 1961 developed an epic that took from ignorance to millions of Cubans.

In the exchange of experience with professionals from “Camilo Cienfuegos”, there was special recognition for Clara Elena Mora, reinstated professor, for her dedication and dedication to teaching for several decades, and for those who made and make possible the greatness of the Cuban Revolution. committed to the improvement of Education, as a great achievement and pillar of our social system.

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