Central Committee officials evaluated the evolution of socioeconomic commitments in Florida (+Post)

Florida, Nov 11.- A representation of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba arrived in Florida with the purpose of supervising the progress of important socioeconomic commitments of the municipality in the current stage.

The delegation headed by Juan Carlos Villavicencio, official of the country’s main political body, learned details about the progress of the Comprehensive Economic, Social and Environmental Development Program of the territory until 2030, and toured entities producing Agriculture and the Food Industry. local, and later held a work meeting with members of the Board of Directors of the Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz Agroindustrial Sugar Company.

Among the interests of the partisan visit were included actions to defend Florida’s Maternal and Child program based on the increase in the mortality rate in children under one year old and the guarantees of medical assistance at all levels; the availability and use of land for the production of agricultural foods; situation and perspectives of companies with losses in their economy and proposed solutions for the most sensitive demands of the population and the country in the current situation.

In the same way and always accompanied by the highest authorities of the municipality, after knowing the results of the state order at the Tomás Rojas Packing Plant, the reviewing delegation was also interested in the attention to man, the stimulation and the payment of salaries and profits. to the collective; debated the confrontation with crime and the productive rehabilitation plans at the Ignacio Agramonte sugar factory, and the performance of the union structures and the Communist Party in both places.

Among the final recommendations of the control visit of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba to the municipality of Florida, those aimed at strengthening multisectoral participation for attention to the Maternal and Child Program stand out, especially in pregnancy care; intelligently defend food production, monitor the price situation of agricultural products and boost the recovery and growth strategies of the Socialist State Enterprise as the main actor in the country’s economy.

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