Educational sector in Florida will develop Jornada Fidel in Angola

Florida, Nov 1.- The Education sector of the municipality of Florida will carry out Fidel Day in Angola throughout the month of November, with activities in each of the educational institutions in the territory to remember the legacy of the historical leader of the Revolution and Cuban internationalists.

Recalling glorious pages of national history and instilling values in the new generations are the main motivations of the day where a program of activities is planned with special morning sessions, theoretical debates on the participation of Cubans in the Angolan war, exhibitions and contests aimed at make visible events that define internationalism and Cuban cooperation in that nation.

On Fidel Day in Angola, the exhibition of films and documentaries that show the participation of the Commander in Chief and the internationalists in the war conflicts in that African nation, meetings of students and teachers in the Association of Combatants with protagonists are also planned. in the epic and theoretical workshops on socio-educational cooperation missions in Angolan lands.

Knowing in depth the work of Floridian internationalists and the study of Fidel’s prominence and his meaning for Cubans throughout history since 1959, is among the objectives of the event.

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