Florida artistic youth avant-garde entertains birthdays at the Home for Minors without Family Protection

Florida, Oct. 30.- Young people from the Hermanos Saíz Association arrived at the Home for Minors without Family Protection to celebrate, with an artistic show, the 16th birthday of Osly Rodríguez Rodríguez, one of the seven minors who live and share in this institution.

Surrounded by the affection of his caregivers, friends and neighbors of the community, Osly was able to enjoy the cultural gift of Florida’s artistic avant-garde that he delighted everyone present with humor, music, songs, dances and theatrical performances.

The Home for Minors Without Family Protection in Florida opened its doors for the first time on October 4, 2010, to guarantee care for children, adolescents and young people from six to 18 years old, preparing them for independent adult life.

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