The book Cuban Prosas by Alicia Alonso is presented in Florida

Presentan en Florida el libro Prosas cubanas por Alicia Alonso

Florida, Oct. 23.- The book Cuban Prosas by Alicia Alonso, by Dr. Pedro Simón and Mr. José R. Neyra, was presented at the Municipal Documentation and Pedagogical Information Center (CDIP) of Florida in greeting to Cuban Culture Day and to honor the 75th Anniversary of the founding of the National Ballet of Cuba and recognize the work of the members of this company, founded on October 28, 1948.

Published by Ediciones Unión, the book brings together a wide selection of texts by several Cuban intellectuals who saw the splendor of the great woman and artist from 1940 to the first decades of the 21st century, made up of prose in homage to the extraordinary Cuban dancer.

In Cuban Prosas, the different ways of interpreting the art that Alicia exalted to its maximum expression are presented and the evaluations made of it by prestigious intellectuals such as Jorge Mañach, who in 1949 called it Glorious Miracle, are expressed; and Juan Marinello, who baptized her Great Citizen of Her, while Alejo Carpentier cataloged her: one of the greatest dancers of all time.

In this volume presented at the municipal CDIP there are not all the reflections on Prima Ballerina Assoluta, Choreographer and Teacher, Alicia Alonso, since she conquered the immortality of her name through art; This was commented on in the school library interventions at the primary level by her and María Antonia Fonte Alzugaray, president of the Union of Cuban Historians in Florida.

The activity also recognized the creative legacy of the founders of the National Ballet, who decided to carry forward this internationally recognized cultural institution.

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