Activities of Camilo-Che Ideological Day began in Florida

Florida, October 11.- With the holding of special morning sessions, the program of activities planned for the Camilo-Che ideological day began in all educational institutions in Florida to praise the example of these two great men of national history, 56 years after the fall in combat of the Heroic Guerrilla, and 64 of the physical disappearance of the Lord of the Vanguard.

The General Directorate of Education in the territory, in coordination with cultural institutions, schools, the José Martí Brigade of Art Instructors and the advice of the different disciplines, organized a program that includes several commemorative actions, among them, the exhibition exhibition Que Their lives serve as an example for us, in school libraries with photos and an extensive bibliography on The Heroic Guerrillero and the Hero of Yaguajay.

In keeping with the day, the books Che’s Diary in Bolivia and Passages of the Revolutionary War will be presented in schools, and on the 16th at two in the afternoon a generational exchange about the two guerrillas will take place at the Grandparents’ House ; For its part, at the Pedagogical Documentation and Information Center there will be a commented reading of the book Camilo, Señor de la Vanguardia by William Gálvez, on October 20 at nine in the morning.

Selected students along with their educators will participate in the pilgrimage to bring A flower for Camilo on the 27th, and in the political-cultural gala scheduled for that same date in tribute to the two exceptional figures.

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