Increase agricultural production, main priority of the Florida authorities (+Audio)

Florida, September 27.- Promoting and materializing the increase in agricultural production, in the midst of the current economic situation of the country, climbed to the first step on the list of priorities of the political and governmental leadership of the province of Camagüey and this municipality, which do not give up in the search for consensus among farmers and in the call to never give up in the face of difficulties.

The weekly visit to various productive entities of traditional agriculture and sugar companies demonstrate here how much remains to be done in the majority of the sugarcane and agricultural cooperatives linked to the business system of the territory, and also demonstrates the will of others to prevail over shortcomings, look for alternatives and move forward through the path of effort, unity and saying yes we can, anywhere.

In these tours of the fields and facilities of the Basic Cooperative Production Units of Argentina and Agramonte, the complaints and justifications of those who, with or without resources, did and do very little to recover from the productive abyss have been heard, and at the same time We find active people, willing to fight, with results and plots planted with food and optimism, fertilized with shame and the desire to contribute to the well-being of the people and the workers themselves and their families.

We have already said it once, but we will repeat it a thousand times if necessary: Where lack of control, disorder, disorganization of tasks, looting and theft of resources and production, work indiscipline and cronyism and corruption persist. administrative, together with the silence and complicity of the collective, it will never be possible to plant cane or various crops, diversify financial income capacities, establish respect, unite men or guarantee people’s salaries.

Where there is shame in abundance, sweet potatoes and pumpkins grow and the cane fields are nourished with the sense of belonging and with the love of those who make good use of the time, the few inputs and the credits granted by the bank to take advantage of the land.

The Party and the Government of Florida are multiplying today more than ever to reach the furrow, the farm, the dairy and the hearts of the farmers of the municipality to listen to them, support them and commit them to the Food Sovereignty and Nutritional Education program of the territory .

And if someone were to ask you what is available here to double the production, collection and agricultural marketing, the answer must be very forceful: With the same shame and with the same patriotism as Ignacio Agramonte and his ragged mambises and with few weapons defended the Revolution of ’68 in the fields of Camagüey!

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