Two Floridian pre-candidates selected for delegates to the Second National Conference of the Party

Florida, Aug 30.- The militants of the Communist Party of Cuba, Rosario del Pilar Pentón Díaz and Mayelin González Castro were selected as pre-candidates for delegates, by the municipality of Florida, to the Second National Conference of that political organization, scheduled to take place in the country’s capital next October.

Rosario del Pilar Pentón Díaz, 59 years old, works as Rector of the Escuela Superior del Partido Ñico López, she joined the ranks in 1990, she has a degree in Philology and a Master’s in Social Work.

Rosario is also a member of the Central Committee since 2016, she was a Deputy to the National Assembly of People’s Power during the last three terms until 2023, she has gone through with relevant results for various responsibilities and obtained different official recognitions and from mass organizations for performance in their political and social life.

Ms. Mayelin González Castro is a primary teacher, Master in Education Sciences and director of the Héroes de Girón semi-boarding school, in the rural community of San Antonio, in this Florida municipality. She joined the Party in 2002 and has 50 years of experience. age.

Throughout her political and working life, Mayelin assumed various responsibilities at different management levels. She is characterized by her high level of demand, discipline, and dedication to tasks, and has become a uniting entity and benchmark for the community of she.

The nomination of both women as pre-candidates for delegates from Florida to the Second National Conference of the Communist Party of Cuba derived from a pool of more than 270 proposals made in grassroots organizations, which will have the opportunity to evaluate and support the selection presented by the Candidacy Commission in the recent monthly exchange with general secretaries of this force.

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