Computers engineers union and the Youth Computer Club assume training on banking in Florida

Florida, Aug 28.-The Union of Informaticians of Cuba, together with the Youth Computer and Electronics Club of the municipality of Florida, will develop a fundamental role in the training and literacy of society, in view of the banking process that is taking place out in the country.

In a recent visit to the territory, the Minister of Communications, Mayra Arevich, evaluated the progress of this phase of the process, verified the actions that are being carried out and directed to increase the information and training of the population.

Banking seeks to promote the use of electronic means and payment gateways to make electronic transfers, which will allow greater efficiency in financial transactions and facilitate access to different services for all citizens.

In this sense, the Union of Informaticians of Cuba and the specialists of the Young Computer and Electronics Club will carry out consultancies, courses and training workshops on topics such as the management of electronic devices, online security, the use of banking applications and other aspects. related to banking.

In search of seeking to promote the use of electronic payment channels and means, in Florida the digital literacy of citizens will be promoted, a task in which Technology and Communications professionals will contribute to multiply knowledge about the computerization process of society and in particular the opportunities and facilities for carrying out financial transactions.

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