Political and government control of agricultural production reaches several Florida entities (+Post)

Florida, Aug 26.- Political and governmental control over the main objectives of the agricultural sector in Florida was deployed in various entities of the sugar system, in which aspects related to sugarcane recovery were reviewed; the progress of planting and harvesting of various crops; land preparation and use; dairy production and short-term food growth and development programs.

Headed by Liliana Boudet, first secretary, and several members of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party in Florida, the delegation recognized the drive of the workers of the La Deseada farm, on the premises of the Abel Santamaría Agricultural Production Cooperative (CPA); a collective busy in caring for plantations of corn, cassava, plantain and other crops, and where progress is also being made in raising rabbits and preparing land for planting coffee.

Eliecer Gómez Lafita, president of the aforementioned entity, commented on the plans to continue the diversification of the cooperative, increase the production of cow’s milk and grow in the reproduction of dark coat pigs.

On the other hand, and with favorable conditions for the irrigation of the crops, the self-consumption of the CPA Frank País García showed the visitors the existence of several strings planted with sweet potato and pumpkin, in a land where most of the space is kept empty, which constitutes a challenge to overcome in the current situation.

The partisan and government inspection action also reached the lands of farmer Idel Pérez Martín, beneficiary of Decree Law 300 and affiliated with the Basic Unit of Cooperative Production Celia Sánchez, a man who surprises with his agrarian culture and the use of science and technique in planting various crops.

In the same way, at different moments of the tour there was talk of promoting and concretizing long-term commitments in salute to the centenary of the birth of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz.

At the end of the day, the highest authorities in this municipality checked, together with the business managers of the Argentina and Ignacio Agramonte agrosugar systems, main tasks such as planting sugarcane and compliance with the plan for the collection of milk and meat in the current stage.

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