Florida women’s organization recognizes the collective of the maternal home (+Posts)

Organización femenina de Florida reconoce al colectivo del hogar materno

Florida, Aug 24.- The first secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party in Florida, Liliana Boudet Nápoles, presided over this Wednesday, August 23, the act of delivery of the Condition Center 11th Congress of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) to the group of Maternity Home Amparo Carriera Montes, a health institution with the capacity to care for up to 36 pregnant women with different conditions that put the survival and quality of life of the pregnant woman or future baby at risk.

When proclaiming the condition, Rita Viltres Ríos, general secretary of the FMC in the territory, signified the importance of this primary medical care facility, where the humanism of the workers, the solidarity of different organizations and social institutions and the protection of the most beautiful and exclusive capacity of women: the conception of a new life.

The top leader of the women’s organization in Florida also offered details on the development of the organic process of the 11th Congress at the base, and shared the special recognition received by the federated of this municipality in the Provincial Act of Camagüey for the 63rd anniversary of the constitution of the FMC.

After accompanying the delivery of the condition of the 11th Congress of the women’s organization to this health institution, the first secretary of the Party in Florida, Liliana Boudet Nápoles, toured the different entrance halls and service spaces of the center, in which who spoke with pregnant women and workers.

In the dialogue, he was interested in the integral operation of this basic facility for the development of the Maternal and Child Care Program, including medical assistance and availability of human resources to support it, quality of food, living conditions of the inmates, infrastructure and logistics. of the center, production of food for self-consumption, level of satisfaction and discipline of the beneficiaries.

During the exchange with several of the pregnant women who currently live in the Florida Maternity Home, the partisan leader highlighted the extraordinary effort of the Cuban State and Government to guarantee the protection of pregnancy, an endeavor that, according to her, demands greater collaboration from the families and of the women themselves who aspire to bring to a successful conclusion the conception of a new being.

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