Floridian peasants summoned to sow, produce and advance on all fronts (+Post)

Convocados campesinos floridanos a sembrar, producir y avanzar en todos los frentes

Florida, Aug 23.- «We have to defend the future of Cubans at all costs and for this reason the watchwords in agriculture are: sow, sow and produce; advance on all fronts and increase the search for income to meet the needs of workers, collectives and the rest of the population.

This was reiterated by Liliana Boudet Nápoles, first secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party in Florida, during the summary of the Annual Economic Balance Assembly at the Mártires de Granada Agricultural Production Cooperative (CPA), a sugarcane entity of the peasant sector that concluded the period 2022-2023 with a profit of almost 2.5 million pesos.

After separating from this figure the necessary amount to face investments and contingencies, more than 500 thousand pesos went into the pockets of the 38 cooperative members of the aforementioned agrarian base, based on the concept of distribution of annual profits conceived at the end of the month of June.

The exchange between the associates of the CPA Mártires de Granada included fundamental productive issues for their economy such as the planting, harvesting and recovery of sugarcane and various crops, efforts in which they were below what was foreseen in the last stage, due to reasons beyond their control. the will of the members of the entity, however, what was done was enough to obtain favorable results.

The new period in progress proposes greater challenges for this Vanguard group of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP), including those of growing in cattle, swine, poultry and sheep; develop beekeeping, in search of agricultural diversification, and reinforce sustainability in obtaining and selling milk and meat to the state collection system.

Óscar Gutiérrez Blanco, main leader of the Mártires de Granada agricultural production cooperative, congratulated the responsibility and commitment of the associates in each task, while Luis Enrique Arribas Rodríguez, the president of ANAP in the municipality of Florida, asked to maintain unity and improve the infrastructure of the sociocultural block in line with the prestige achieved by that agro-sugar entity of the territory.

As part of the annual balance of that entity, the highest political leader of Florida also accompanied the delivery of recognitions to the nine most outstanding peasants of the last year in the CPA Mártires de Granada.

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