Savings, a vital measure in these times

Florida, Jul 12.- The call to extreme energy saving measures may seem crazy today, but it must be understood that the call is not to stop consuming electricity when it is available in homes, but to do it rationally to avoid waste and greater affectations to the service in times when electricity generation in the country is insufficient.

It is not about staying in the dark or stopping using electrical appliances when there is availability of electrical service, what is also asked of the inhabitants of the more than 20,000 family homes in this municipality is to be more zealous in keeping watch day and night so that equipment and lamps are not left on unnecessarily, for the good of the family economy and that of the nation.

About 70 percent of the electricity that is received each day in the municipality of Florida is consumed in the residential sector, where, according to specialists, there are still reserves of energy savings, especially in the ways and times of use of the equipment. climate, refrigeration and water pumping.

State entities implement a group of measures to reduce consumption and make available the largest possible share of electricity for the residential sector, but currently, as is well known, the country’s power generation capacity does not always cover demand , and with a more rational use of energy in homes, it could contribute to reducing the deficit that causes the affectations to the service.

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