Boys and girls from Amor Sin Fronteras Community Project are honored (+ Posts)

Florida, Aug 8.- Girls and boys linked to Amor Sin Fronteras Community Project enjoyed a fun morning at the Luis Casas Romero House of Culture, in an activity organized by art instructors, promoters and fans, and directed by its director Arnaldo Alfonso Rosales.

Between songs, jokes, pleasant chats and the performance of the clown Tapón, the minors, accompanied by their families, had a moment of healthy recreation that they took advantage of to celebrate the collective birthday and entertain those born in this month.

At the end of the activity, the commitment of the workers of the local House of Culture was left to dedicate a space, the third weekend of each month, to receive and attend, through artistic actions and participation games, the members of this Community project.

Led by Haydée Sánchez Martínez, a caregiver mother, Amor Sin Fronteras brings together more than 20 minors from the territory diagnosed with different pathologies and provides guidance to the families of these children with special educational needs.

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