Civil Defense in Cuba, a system designed to defend life

Florida, Jul 31.- The Cuban Civil Defense system responds to the principle of the Revolution and the state policy of guaranteeing in each territory the protection of the life of the people and the assets of the economy, in situations of natural disasters or technological.

In this sense, it is a priority to permanently manage and organize preventive activities to reduce vulnerabilities and disaster risks in labor institutions, agricultural areas, factories and in communities, where it requires the participation of citizens in order to increase their own security.

Faced with the threat and impact of hurricanes, other high-intensity natural phenomena and any type of disaster situation, the Cuban State spares no effort or resources, through the Civil Defense system, to safeguard the lives of the population in each affected town.

In this case, too, on the basis of the Martí and national principle of with all and for the good of all, the Civil Defense system demands popular force to materialize as much preventive action as necessary, in order to reduce the danger and preserve human lives and assets of the family and state economy, in the face of disaster situations.

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