US government ban enters into force to flights from its airlines to Cuban cities

Havana, Dec. 10 - Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, Cuban Foreign Minister, expressed today his rejection of the ban on flights from the United States to Cuba, except for Havana, which entered into force on Tuesday, just when the Day is celebrated International Human Rights.

In his official Twitter account, the Cuban Foreign Minister said that this new Washington measure, issued on October 25, damages Cubans and their family ties, but also American citizens who cannot travel as tourists and know the greatest of the Antilles, indicates the ACN.

"The US government chooses Human Rights Day to initiate the ban on flights to #Cuba, except Havana. It damages #CubanosConDerechos, including traveling, and family ties. We demand freedom of travel for Americans "Rodriguez Parrilla tweeted.

As of December 10, the ban by the White House government of flights of US commercial airlines into Cuban territory, except those arriving by the capital José Martí International Airport, enters into force.

That decision, which joins the list of restrictions adopted by the US government to undo the bilateral approach initiated under the administration of Barack Obama, will prevent travel by airlines such as American Airlines, JetBlue and Delta to other Cuban provinces.

A statement from the State Department said that the suspension of flights "until further notice" seeks to prevent the Cuban government "from accessing foreign currency from US travelers", although it also harms thousands of Cuban-Americans who visit their families every year in the island.

International Human Rights Day was instituted in commemoration of the establishment that day of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in 1948.

The General Assembly proclaimed that Declaration as a common ideal for which all peoples and nations should strive, so that both individuals and institutions, constantly inspired by it, promote, through teaching and education, respect for these rights and freedoms .

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